Family-Owned and Community Focused

Lionberger Construction has provided quality general contractor services since 1923 when John C. Senter first opened his business from a back room of his Roanoke, VA home. Since then, the company has passed through three generations of Lionberger leaders, cultivated relationships, and provided excellent and reliable general contractor services to Roanoke and beyond. To this day, our family-owned is guided by our philosophy of integrity, transparency, and collaboration in every decision. We are proud of our legacy and look forward to years of continued service by providing a fulfilling and enjoyable construction experience for our clients and employees.



Lionberger’s Beginning

Mr. John C. Senter opened his construction firm in the back room of his Roanoke home. Mr. Senter soon earned the community’s trust as a highly respected builder of commercial and industrial construction projects including participation in the early development of the Roanoke Airport.



After World War II

Senter’s nephew, S. Lewis Lionberger joined the firm and assumed management in 1950, changing the name to S. Lewis Lionberger Company. Lewis Lionberger’s unbending sense of integrity enhanced the company’s already fine reputation as it continued to build in the Roanoke community.



Sam Lionberger Jr. Joins

Lewis’ son Sam Lionberger Jr. then joined the firm following his graduation from Virginia Tech and a tour with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. During his early career at Lionberger, he realized the potential of Fast Track and Design/Build methods.



A New President

Sam Lionberger Jr. became President of Lionberger Construction when Lewis Lionberger retired. Lionberger Construction Company maintained its reputation as a leading general contractor in Southwestern and Central Virginia.

Lewis, Sam Jr, Sam III



New Generation

Sam Lionberger III began his career as a general contractor with Lionberger Construction bringing another generation of new ideas and enthusiasm into the construction industry.



The Client-Centered Model

Sam Lionberger Jr. and Sam Lionberger III began to seek out primarily negotiated projects in order to continue to provide the best service possible. At the same time, they shifted the company to a client-centered model with dedicated teams to intentionally foster their valued relationships.



Maintaining Relationships

Lionberger Construction maintains its relationship-driven approach to delivering quality general contracting services. We believe that the construction experience should be fulfilling and enjoyable and are ready to be a reliable partner in your success. Contact us to experience the Lionberger difference.

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